Leveraging our rich experience in providing Tally business solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries, IT Catalyst has created useful Add-on Modules that can simply be plugged into any Tally solution to enhance and augment its features.

Having worked with a multitude of entities across sectors and industries has given us an insight into the distinctive requirements of each category of business, and the same learning has helped us create these Add-on Modules.

Most ordered IT Catalyst Add-on Modules

  • Print Customer Balance on Invoice (email, SMS and Whatsapp)
  • Print Signature on Invoices
  • Print Bank QR on Invoices
  • Import Masters from Excel
  • Import Sales transactions from Excel
  • Detailed Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss A/c
  • Print Barcode Labels
  • Approval and Authorization Module
  • Auto Backup Module
  • DashBoard for Analysis
  • Block Negative Stock Module
  • Restrict users to Specific Voucher Types
  • Auto Email Invoices
  • Auto Receipt for Cash Sales
  • Pick last Bill Rate to Party in Invoice
  • Raw Material requirement from Sales Order
  • Agent-wise Sales and Outstanding
  • Attach files to vouchers
  • Lock System Date to voucher Date
  • Copy Company Security
  • Digital Signature on invoice
  • Warehouse Control at Voucher Level
  • Stock Group Control (Voucher Type Level)
  • Remove Unused Masters


Q. Can we get Tally Add-ons services customized to our business needs?

A. Yes! Our team best aligns specific add-ons to meet your business needs.

Q. How do I choose add-on services to make my business more efficient?

A. Our team of experts will understand your business processes and systems and advice you on adding modules that will increase your business efficiency or meet evolving business requirements.

Client List:

Case Study

A growing real estate firm depended heavily on large data sets for telesales. The increasing amount of data was slowing down the systems, and fetching information for analytics became a lengthy and cumbersome task. Our team of experts simply added the Tally Anywhere and Tally MS Excel Writer add-ons to resolve the issue in no time.

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