Tally Prime is your modern business partner who helps you keep track of your goals, has all the reports you need to make the best business decisions, and regularly tracks your progress. With the Tally Prime business management software, you can easily manage accounting (sales, purchases, receivables, payables monitoring), inventory control (order processing, inventory monitoring), payroll, financial transactions, statutory compliance, and other activities.

Tally Prime enables better decision-making by delivering important reports. Tally Prime reports, such as all cash-flow reports, financial reports, cost centre reports, accounting reports, inventory reports, and many more thorough reports, make decision-making much more manageable.

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Key Features

  • Go to Feature: By using the Go to feature, you can easily find and navigate through business reports
  • Exception report: Browse any Tally report in depth to experience increased report abilities.
  • Invoice Optimization: Optimize your invoice by removing any unnecessary space - a great feature for retailers, wholesalers, and any other organization that prepares a single invoice for multiple items
  • Mark Specifics as Permanent: Some Tally fields must be utilized every time an entry is made, whereas others are rarely used. With this in mind, Tally Prime allows you to mark a few fields as 'Permanent' so you don't have to go through unnecessary fields over and again. As a result, you save time
  • Multitasking becomes easy: You can effortlessly go from one report to another and view all the open reports without losing track of what you were doing
  • Admin Rights: A user session can be stopped by the admin. This option is accessible via the Browser. Even while using remote access, the admin can stop a user session
  • A soothing appearance and an intuitive design: Refreshing New Look in accordance with international standards and design aimed at providing a seamless and wonderful experience

Benefits of Tally Prime

  • Tally is the most well-known and longest-running accounting software
  • It has been providing businesses in India and around the world for over 3 decades
  • It is software that doesn't require any prior knowledge of the software and can be used by anyone
  • Tally Prime is created in such a way that it may be utilized by both an accountant and a business owner
  • Aside from accessibility, Tally Prime provides comprehensive reports at lightning speed. These thorough reports include receivables and payables reports, profitability ratios, and many other reports. Decision-making hasn't been this simple
  • Moreover, Tally Prime is Statutory Compliant, which ensures that it supports all statutory changes. GST, E-way Bills, and other recently announced requirements are all complied within Tally to help your organization in a multifaceted way


Make your Tally faster and spunkier with a Tally Prime upgrade.

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Q. How is Tally Prime different from Tally ERP 9?

A. While both versions of the Tally software are highly impactful and add an invaluable edge to your business, there are a few subtle differences between the two. Tally Prime can be considered as an upgrade on the Tally.ERP 9 version with better aesthetics and navigability. Also, the Tally Prime scores over the Tally.ERP 9 owing to its single window multi-tasking ability and ease of accessing information fields.

Q. Why should I shift my Tally to Tally Prime?

A. Tally Prime is the latest Tally version and offers better user interface and functionality. It also enables users to do complex tasks seamlessly in lesser incidents. Tally Prime also packs better data security features and is quicker in generating reports.

Case Study

A leading services company was suffering from loss of productivity and increasing instances of employee concerns over the legacy Tally operations. On studying the situation, IT Catalyst discovered that the Tally users at the client’s site, having been exposed to mobile and web applications with simple and immersive user interfaces, were finding the old Tally version tardy and uninteresting. The Tally Prime implementation changed all that with its faster response and better functionalities.

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