Get more bang out of your Tally software with business-specific upgrades. With IT Catalyst, you can effortlessly upgrade your Tally to Tally Prime or even enhance your Tally single-user to multi-user.

To make the upgrades easy to install, we offer easy-to-follow online training sessions, free demos, and a complimentary session on how to best integrate Tally into your organization with every upgrade.

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Key Features

  • Tally Single user upgrade to multi-user: Are you looking for an upgrade allowing multiple users to work on Tally simultaneously? Opt for Tally multi-user to convert your existing single-user license to multi-user, allowing you to simultaneously access Tally Prime from all workstations in your office network. Tally is an unrestricted multi-user edition. The key benefit of upgrading from Tally single-user to Tally multi-user is that multi-user Tally allows various computers within the same network. With this upgrade, you also receive extra remote, web access, and Tally virtual users.
  • Tally old version upgrade to Tally Prime: Are you currently using an outdated version of Tally than Tally Prime? Tally 6.3, Tally 7.2, Tally 9, and Tally ERP 9 are some of the older versions. You are losing out on the simplicity of taxation and compliance that Tally Prime provides. You also don’t have access to many new features that have been released in the subsequent versions.
  • Tally Prime allows you to do several things that were previously difficult or required customization. You can, for example, save reports along with the custom configurations and filters that you have applied and recall at one shot and also many more features. You can also generate e-Invoices and e-way Bills with at most ease, among other things. Make a wise choice today by upgrading to Tally Prime, which will provide you with complete peace of mind for a long period. Benefits of Tally Upgrade

Benefits of Tally Upgrade

    Tally upgrade benefits from old versions to Tally Prime:
  • Easier setup and configurations
  • Insightful, Actionable & Customizable Reports
  • Anywhere, Anytime, Secure Access (Through Tally on Browser)
  • Reports now available in custom Mobile views
  • Generate e-Invoices and e-Way Bills with ease
  • Track modifications using Tally edit log
  • Tally upgrade benefits from Single-user to Multi-user:
  • Instead of one user, the license allows for an unlimited number of users
  • Instead of one remote user, there are ten
  • Rather than just one, there are ten web logins for web reports
  • Instead of one, you get ten virtual users
  • According to the Tally security settings, the entire team has secure access to corporate data
  • Increased automation and thus efficiency as more business processes are now system driven rather than manual


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Q. Why should I upgrade my existing Tally to Tally Prime? Is it compulsory to upgrade to the latest version?

A. Upgrading to the newer versions of Tally is not compulsory, however, it is advisable. Tally has been adding and enhancing features regularly since its inception. As the business landscape changes rapidly, Tally launches newer versions to help businesses adapt to these changes conveniently. When you upgrade your Tally version, unlock any new features or increase the number of users, you save precious time and money through business efficiencies.

Q. Are Tally Upgrades worth the money?

A. Yes! Tally upgrades come at a fraction of the cost compared to the ease of operations they bring to your business.

Case Study

An automobile engineering company was looking for a growth partner to upgrade its Tally enterprise solution. IT Catalyst business experts leveraged their skills in Tally software and automobile manufacturing business knowledge to seamlessly upgrade the existing legacy Tally solution to Tally Prime, also incorporating and unlocking features that made the business operations smarter and more efficient.

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