As your business grows, so does the amount of data you need to deal with. Growing organizations find streamlining processes and the information flowing through these processes very challenging. Often mismanagement costs dearly in terms of time and money. IT Catalyst comes to your rescue in such a situation.

We study your business requirements deeply and implement highly customized technology solutions that give significant results while presenting a minimum change in the way things are done in your organization. As a part of the IT Consulting engagement, we also provide you with a detailed analysis of your business, helping you make informed business decisions.


  • - Nuanced IT management solutions.
  • - Align and integrate individual applications for seamless data flow.
  • - Automate key processes to save time and costs.
  • - Empower business analytics.

Key Offerings Involved:

  • - Detailed business analysis.
  • - Finding the problem statement.
  • - Executing engagement with end-to-end IT resources support and training.


Q. How can IT Catalyst help my business set up and manage IT Operations?

A. IT Catalyst provides your business with end-to-end IT consulting support, from providing software development, upgrade and implementation services to delivering complete cloud solutions and IT outsourcing services.

Q. Can we completely outsource our IT operations to IT Catalyst?

A. Yes. IT Catalyst can handhold you through the virtualization process, freeing you from the hassle of managing an IT team at a nominal price. Along with regular Tally and IT management services, we can allocate designated IT resources to help you seamlessly remotely or from your premises.

Case Study

A client in the manufacturing business experienced a spurt of growth as new markets opened up. While they had built added capacity to increase production, the increased amount of data and administrative stress overwhelmed them. IT Catalyst was hired to find a solution. Working fast, we optimised and unlocked several features of the advanced Tally ERP package the client had been using. We aligned key processes, such as billing, inventory and SCM, to harness time and cost efficiencies. The organisation's top leadership had complete visibility of various processes and was able to direct the business towards a controlled growth environment.

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