Connect 21 is your first step towards taking your business operations virtual. Through this simple and affordable upgrade, you would be able to remotely access Tally while also enhancing its performance.

If you are dogged by the snail-paced performance of Tally at your workplace, primarily due to increased logins and weak connectivity, or wish to access your Tally online, Connect 21 from IT Catalyst is what you need - today!

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Key Features

  • Compatible with all Operating Systems, from XP to Windows 10 and Server 2003-2016No requirement of Terminal CALs, or Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Services) license manager
  • Supports 32 Bit colour display, dual screen, bi-directional sound, USB device, and more
  • Advanced control mechanism to ensure safe use of the application by users/groups
  • Secure server communication (hides server drives, encryption) & web access with port forwarding over HTTP & HTTPS

Benefits of Connect 21

  • Access Tally remotely through any browser
  • Open and work at any location using the internet
  • Get printouts of Invoices and reports on any printer locally
  • Real-time information across sites without the need for synchronisation
  • Improved Tally performance even with multiple users or a large database
  • Simple, effective and affordable solution


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Q. Why should use Connect21?

A. From an improved Tally performance in a multi-user/large dataset environment, taking Tally to Cloud saves operational hassles, increases productivity and instils transparency.

Q. Will I lose any feature if I shift my Tally to Cloud?

A. There will be no change in your Tally experience on Cloud.

Q. How will Connect 21 lower my business cost?

A. Connect 21 enables working remotely, thus saving electricity and maintenance costs at your premise. Also, we take care of IT maintenance, freeing you from the obligation of hiring a skilled resource. Last but not least, with Connect21 your data remains with you and nobody external will have access to it. Data theft is a major concern that can cost companies dear.

Q. Is Connect 21 an expensive Cloud upgrade?

A. Absolutely not. Connect 21 proves to be more cost-effective when you take into account the loss of productivity due to slow Tally performance and the cost of managing the networking systems.

Case Study

A small e-commerce company selling handicrafts and DIY kits online was struggling with extremely slow Tally performance. The business was growing since the product cost was low and the market large. However, the accounts department could not process invoices timely and faced serious operational issues because of the lag in communication with various vendors, logistics partners and production facilities. Several Networking Specialists were hired, and money was spent on new hardware and equipment, but the problem persisted. IT Catalyst stepped in with a simple and highly affordable solution of implementing Connect 21, virtualising the windows within the workplace. The easy solution not only quickened access to Tally but also established a single source of data, infusing transparency and clarity between functions and partners. The remote access capability also ensured work on the go.

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