To counter today’s market challenges, businesses need to be better informed, flexible, and highly responsive to changes. Complete business automation is the first step towards achieving such agility. With our highly customized Tally integration services, we enable seamless interaction between various existing business applications, databases and software, bridging automation gaps to give you a holistic solution. Today any Business uses multiple Softwares to run their operations and if these are not integrated with they Accounting and Inventory System then the teams are working in Silos and gives rise to gaps in the Business which can widen in the long run.

Our Tally Integration Solutions offer a perfect solution where you seamlessly integrate your existing ERP systems and other applications and software with your trusted accounting software, Tally. Additionally, a Tally integration will enable you to communicate effectively with entities in your value chain, i.e., vendors, distributors, supply-chain partners, etc. That’s one platform to manage all your business operations and to derive business insights. Ring in better efficiency, eliminate operational complexities and ensure improved visibility of end-to-end business dealings with our Tally Integration Solutions.

Key Features

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Client Success Story

A home fittings company had installed multiple applications along with its primary ERP system Tally. The management was looking for a way to get centralized MIS and create a fully-automated business solution – some applications needed to be manually integrated with the main ERP system. Repealing all existing systems meant losing money and time. IT Catalyst was hired to build a customized Tally integration solution that met all client conditions.

Leveraging years of experience in business process optimization and Tally integration, we developed a solution that seamlessly merged existing automation systems that could be managed from a single platform – Tally Prime. The client saved big costs and hundreds of hours of resource time in potential new automation system implementation.


Q. I have separate software for billing. Can I pull sales invoices from that system into Tally?

A. Yes, we can not only pull the invoices into Tally, but we can also create the necessary masters automatically.

Q. We are using a system provided by our Principal for billing; can we integrate this into the Tally?

A. Yes, we can offer you two solutions; one to push bills from Tally into the Principal System, and the other where we can pull Bills from your principal system into Tally.

Q. My Software vendor is asking if I can share an API to push/pull data between Tally and their Software?

A. Yes, TallyDEx, our data exchange platform, supports such data interactions. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Q. Can Tally Integration be done with software written in Java and PHP?

A. TDL – Tally’s UI language is flexible enough to integrate with a wide range of programming languages, including Java, PHP, .net, python, and more.

Q. Will a Tally Integration with other businesses compromise my business data?

A. Absolutely not. Our secure solutions give you full control over the information you wish to share with your partnering businesses.

Why do you need Tally Integration services?

  • - Integrate information across Softwares and get multiple teams to work in Sync
  • - Duplication of data is avoided which will save effort and communication
  • - Realtime/timely exchange of data between systems will increase company efficiency manifold
  • - Principal and Partner can exchange data thus increasing the speed of doing Business
  • - Empowered business decision-making with accurate business analytics

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