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Tally Server 9, or Tally Prime Server, is a must-have for both large and small businesses seeking faster and more effective functions to improve their operations. It enables multiple users to execute various functions at the same time. Its ease of use makes it a highly sought-after solution enabling parallel, fast, and secure data access across a unified platform for multiple business operations.

Tally Server 9 pricing makes it a more appealing offer because it eliminates the need for high-configuration hardware components and servers.

Tally Server 9 gives users more control and power to key decision makers and leadership teams by restricting or allowing individual users access to specific features. It is also a classic Tally product for converting peer-to-peer connectivity to a server-managed access point. When working with this platform, a great degree of scalability makes it incredibly efficient to access or edit data. Access to each user is granted via individual snapshots, allowing several users to conduct activities simultaneously. With these server-focused operational activities, new users can be introduced to the network without interfering with work or denying access permissions to tasks in progress. The end result is comprehensive business process efficiency and optimization.

Benefits of Tally Server 9

  • Faster and more reliable data access
  • Remote access, monitoring and enablement
  • No outages and downtime
  • Highly secure and safe data flow
  • Empowers business decision-making


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Q. How do I know if my Tally needs a Tally Server 9 upgrade?

A. Slowing down of your Tally software is the tell-tale sign of a Tally Server 9 upgrade. If you have more than four users and your Tally becomes non-responsive frequently, then you need a Tally Server 9 upgrade.

Q. How does a Tally Server 9 upgrade help secure my business data?

A. In TallyServer the data folder is not accessible by the user, TallyServer runs a service through which data is serviced to the Tally Clients. This makes the data extremely secure. Tally Server 9 gives you the authority to choose which of the users in your team could use specific features. For example, you can restrict some users from viewing the company's financial data. TallyServer also provides detailed statistics on the users who are connected to the server and details of the reports accessed with the time spent on each report. This makes it very transparent to the administrators to manage the security of the system.

Case Study

A consumer goods manufacturing company faced several operational challenges, slow Tally performance including data breaches. IT Catalyst helped the company implement TallyPrime Server 9, significantly strengthening data integrity, business decision-making and increasing back-end operations speed and reliability.

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