In an era where mobility leads all aspects of life, from shopping to entertainment to lifestyle and business, it is important that you can manage critical business aspects through a few taps on your smartphone. We have developed Tally mobile apps for Android and iOS so that you can accomplish essential work from the convenience of your handheld devices like your phone and notepad.

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Key Features

  • Anywhere, anytime: Now access your Tally software on Android and iOS at any time and from any location
  • Offline features: Yes! You can access all reports without Internet access until the last sync
  • Multiple companies: Tally can be configured to show multiple companies and operations
  • Master Dashboard: Get all of your business's essential numbers in one place, like Sales, stock, and financial position, among others.
  • Mobile-friendly: The mobile-friendly interface makes browsing Tally simple and fun
  • Real-Time Accessibility: Access real-time data from your Tally on a regular basis that can be customized as needed
  • Ledger or item search: Get Opening and closing balances, and also ledger transactions. Check the supply, sales, purchase, and price trends for each item.
  • User Security: Configure user-specific security to limit user access to only particular reports and ledgers! There is also the ability to limit users based on their company.
  • GPS Monitoring: Track your mobile workforce or sales teams’ movement in a comprehensive report

Top Apps Features

  • Single screen access to key business insights using the business dashboard
  • Customized app to help you profile your customers on the basis of business frequency and volume
  • Bring more accuracy to your order predictions through the sales order booking app
  • Monitor business transactions on your phone based on assigned values and sanctioning authority

NOTE: Please be aware that you will have to extend access to your Tally data to the Mobile App Creator Company to make it available on your Mobile.


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Q. What are the benefits of having Tally on a mobile app?

A. Having Tally on the app provides you easy access to all important data at your convenience. The Tally app will allow you to make quick business decisions, track and monitor your key business indices and be ahead of the competition. Since you get critical inputs related to your business, you can easily resolve any operational inconsistencies at any hour and from any location.

Q. How many users can access the Tally mobility app for my company?

A. You can choose the number of devices on which you wish to install the Tally mobile app. The data on the app is completely private and safe.

Q. Can I restrict what Users can see on the App?

A. Yes, you can give access to only specific reports or even specified Ledger/Groups in the App

Q. Will the entries made on the App be synched with Tally?

A. Yes, Any entry made in the App will be synced to the app automatically

Case Study

A leading apparel company realized the necessity for faster business decision-making. IT Catalyst helped them in developing a customized mobile app that provided the top leadership with real-time business insights. The company leadership leveraged this fast and easy accessibility of key data and quickened the pace of devising and rolling out growth campaigns.

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