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Tally solves many problems for your business. However, you need people, resources and equipment to run Tally efficiently. Even after all this, you depend upon good connectivity and skilled networking professionals to maintain and scale the physical servers and other hardware as you add more people or data to the Tally platform. We know managing your data is a lot of work, costing you a pretty penny.

With IT Catalyst’s Tally Anywhere service, we remedy this problem.

Tally Anywhere is a service that migrates your offline Tally software to the cloud, freeing you from the physical limitations of Tally-connected computers and servers. And you also get the freedom of accessing the Tally software from anywhere in the world!

There’s more – we take care of your entire Tally-related IT operations, which include hosting, managing, maintaining the software on our servers and backup your data securely while you focus on running your business.

Imagine the productivity boost your business will get if you could generate, send, and print invoices and purchase orders from any location in a few quick taps! Or think about getting rid of the ever-increasing IT maintenance cost you incur. With Tally Anywhere, all these hurdles will vanish in a poof, and all you pay for this is a fraction of your IT management cost.

Benefits of Tally Anywhere

  • Single source of data for all users; no need to synchronise Tally data b/w offices, factories or branches
  • Due to the above data availability is real time to all stake holders which can take your Business to the next level
  • Freedom from multiple Tally licenses, Subscriptions and onsite hardware maintenance
  • Admins can centrally manage the Tally software, including users and printers assigned to different users across locations
  • Users can print on a printer installed at any location using Tally Anywhere
  • No need to buy additional terminal licenses for remote desktop services
  • Compatible with all leading OS versions, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and any iOS device


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Q. Can I lose my Tally data on the cloud?

A. Your Tally data is completely secure on the cloud. Tally Anywhere service helps you safely migrate the data to the cloud without any loss or exposure. Backups are automated and maintained on a different server which makes your data extremely safe.

Q. Do I require the internet to access Tally on Cloud?

A. Yes. Like any other SaaS software, you would need the internet to access your Tally data. However, Tally on the cloud doesn’t require high internet bandwidth to access.

Q. Will I lose any features or functionality of Tally after migrating to the cloud?

A. No. All users will be able to experience the full Tally functionality they are used to in an offline environment, only faster and more efficient from the comfort of any location.

Q. Do I need to upgrade the server in case my data or Users increase?

A. No, we will take care of ensuring the performance of your Server is optimum, all you need to do is pay per user as and when you add users.

Case Study

During the Pandemic induced lock-down, a small processed foods brand struggled due to operational issues. With the office closed, no one could operate Tally to support production (allowed at reduced capacity) and sales, which led the business to a total standstill. As the lock-down eased, the IT head of the company approached IT Catalyst for a feasible solution. Our team led the complete Tally virtualisation process, transitioning the software to the cloud while also migrating the servers from company-owned hardware to Servers located at our secure Data Centers. With the ability to access Tally from anywhere, the operations became faster, transparent and efficient. Several employees and partners could now access the single data source from their location, share information and shoot printouts in real-time. As their business took off – thanks to outsourcing complete Tally management at a small cost – our IT team revved up the Tally software to accommodate increased data traffic and users.

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