The Tally Virtual User License was created to provide authorized access and support for the Tally Virtual User Pack. This service is intended for current Tally virtual users (Tally on cloud, RDP, Citrix, and other comparable technologies) and customers interested in adopting virtual Tally. Tally Virtual User (TVU) marks Tally Solutions' official entry into the latest virtual world. Tally has decided to better ease and authorize the usage of Tally on Cloud as everyone moves faster towards cloud adoption. Tally ERP 9 previously worked through RDP or VPN. However, such use was neither officially authorized nor allowed. TVU is addressing this anomaly.

Every user who uses Tally incurs a cost according to this regulation. A limited number of user packages are offered free to Tally customers. Any number of users over these limits will be required to pay for and buy Tally Virtual User packages.

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Key Features

  • 24X7 accessibility from any location
  • Tally virtualization validates the use of digital technologies such as VPN, RDP, and others
  • Freedom to optimize Tally accessibility based on business needs
  • Expert assistance in configuration and resolving issues in a virtual environment
  • Multi-locational enterprises can function with a single license rather than obtaining one for each location

Benefits of Tally Virtual User

  • Tally can be accessed at any time and from any location
  • Improved backup system with high data security
  • Maintenance expenditures are negligible
  • Zero downtime


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Q. What is a TVU Licence?

A. A Tally Virtualization User license authorizes accessing Tally.ERP 9, virtually. Hence, you need a TVU pack if you are accessing Tally digitally through any of these technologies such as Windows RDP, RDS, cloud services, etc.

Q. What advantages do Tally.ERP 9 users get from a TVU license?

A. The TVU license fulfils your virtualization objectives through a number of benefits based on the type of license you have subscribed. You can opt between the Gold, Silver and regular TVU license packs.

Q. Do I have to pay to get a TVU license?

A. Tally offers free TVU packs to its customers depending on their existing Tally subscriptions:

  • - 1 Free TVU Pack for Tally Prime single users
  • - 10 Free TVU Packs for Tally Prime Multi-users
  • - 20 Free TVU Packs for Tally Prime Server users

Case Study

A manufacturing client wanted seamless accessibility to key business insights and functions such as invoicing and material management. We enabled Tally Virtualization for the client, helping them unlock 30 TVU packs for maximum operational efficacy.

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