Are you currently using an ERP system and in need of tally-ERP connectivity?

IT Catalyst can assist your business by providing end-to-end ERP software integration. Our Tally Synchronization service is ideal for businesses with multiple locations (Head Office, Branch Offices, factories, godowns, etc.) as we effectively streamline online and offline applications with the Tally software, making one complete ERP solution for your business.

Data synchronization is the process of replicating data (both masters and vouchers) between two or more locations. Tally at the branch/factory will take care of your branch operations and send data to the HO in the way and at the time you want. In the same way, the Tally (server) at the head office will share data with the different branches that we have set up so that we can combine them and get Business Information.


  • - Utilization of existing ERO/Automation applications.
  • - Seamless integration of workflow applications.
  • - Single screen dashboard for easy monitoring.
  • - Cross-functional analytics for deeper business insights.

Offerings Involved

Customers can choose from various types of Synchronization listed below as per their requirements:

  • Two-Way Synchronization:
    As the most common method of Synchronization, this facilitates data transfer from the client to the server and vice-versa.
  • One-Way Synchronization:
    As the name implies, in this option, data will get synchronized only one way (mostly from the client to the server) and the other way is generally restricted.
  • Synch-on-save:
    Synchronization will take place during the saving of each and every voucher.
  • Voucher Type-based Synchronization:
    You will be able to select the voucher kinds that will take part in the sync (Sales, but not Receipts, for example), as well as indicate whether the sync will be one-way or two-way.


Q. How will Tally data integration help my business be more efficient?

A. When Tally works in silos, there are often chances of miscommunication or duplication of data in offices, units, or branches of your organization. We integrate your data to offer you real-time visibility of key business insights, which makes monitoring of sales, billing and stock situations effective.

Case Study

A pharmaceutical company faced problems from inaccurate data reporting in the Tally system. A careful study from the IT Catalyst team revealed that the data was often duplicated at the manufacturing unit and the head office. This duplication would ensue a series of calculation errors, leading the management to make errors in forecasting sales and manufacturing requirements. A simple data integration engagement solved the problem for good.

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