Monitoring and tracking stock and sales positions are crucial to smooth supply chain operations.

We help you build a transparent, quick and entirely secure sales stock visibility solution by leveraging Tally.

Key-Features and Capabilities

Let's see what all you can achieve with this Tally upgrade:

Stock sales

Client Success Story

A distribution company faced expensive supply-chain troubles. The purchase orders from distributors often went missing or were delayed, and there were invariable delays in raising and sending money to channel partners. Expanding and training the office team proved futile because of a lack of accountability. The business invested in a few workflow management software, but updating multiple platforms became a problem.

We studied the business operations in detail and discovered:

  • No accurate and quick access to sales and stock position at Distributors/Channel Partners
  • There was no streamlined system for processing purchase orders and invoices.
  • There were significant gaps between sales teams’ estimates and average purchase orders.
  • Disparities in the supply chain resulted in erratic manufacturing schedules. Our team optimised the company’s Tally system, enabling features that highlighted sales and stock visibility. Post-implementation, the client registered a 20% improvement in cash cycles, eliminated stock-out situations, and experienced significant improvement in the quality of product feedback from distributors.



  • Principal can share their Invoices with the Channel partner (which will be updated into their Tally automatically) thus reducing time and effort for the Partner
  • SKU masters can be downloaded from the principal along with other information like Part No., specifications, Price, GST, HSN, etc.
  • The Principal can also share Credit Notes (towards discounts and schemes) with the Partner seamlessly
  • Partners can push Purchase Orders to the principal, all they have to do is update it in their Tally shares only relevant data with the principal (other data is fully secure)
  • Channel Partners need not put in additional effort to provide data
  • Principal SKU mapping to existing SKUs is a breeze with our intelligent Mapping tool


  • Prevention of stock-out situations in the channel
  • Orders are received from the channel seamlessly with no intervention
  • Authentic and timely data
  • No manual efforts, less time, effort, and cost to the principal
  • The channel data can be fed into the Business Intelligence system seamlessly
  • No managing additional web portals and expensive software to get data
  • Can share Schemes/Targets with a channel which will generate a variance in the channel’s Tally software automatically
  • Rollout to the channel in the fastest time possible
  • Free up the Sales team to spend quality time with the channel to discuss Business challenges

SSV Automation

  • Avoids stock-out situation in the channel
  • Precise stock management to help reduce inventory costs
  • Minimise human errors
  • Improved fulfillment cycle
  • Ability to manage unexpected situations

How does it work?

The entire solution is based on Tally. the most widely used Business management software in India The data from channel partners come from their most authentic data source – their accounting software Tally


Q. Can I know my Distributor’s stock position every day?

A. Yes, you can! Not only that, you can also check the details of all transactions made during any period.

Q. What happens if my Distributor’s Item Name/code in his Software does not match ours?

A. Our system provides you with a feature to map the Distributor’s item code to your item code, and this is maintained across all Distributors. Only newly created item codes are to be mapped subsequently.

Q. Can I host the data warehouse to collect my data on our own Server?

A. Yes, we provide a plan to host the data on your own server.

Q. How much time does it take to send data every day?

A. The first time you send the data, it will take some time to process, but subsequently, only incremental data is uploaded, which takes about 2-3 minutes for about 50 transactions (includes all the details like items, etc.)

Q. Can I extend access to my data to my Distributors/Channel Partners?

A. Yes, you can provide access to them to your system if required.

Q. How will the solution help my business?

    The solution will help your business in the following ways:

  • - Real-time visibility of stock and sales positions will help in better decision-making
  • - Instances of errors, delays and loss of time in feeding data manually will be avoided
  • - Better visibility of stock levels eliminates stock-out situations
  • - Frees up time for the sales teams and distributors/channel partners

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